You Grew Up In The 80s In Phoenix If You...

Sep 13, 2009

You Grew Up In The 80s In Phoenix If You...The other day I came across a list of Phoenix history that's making its way around the Internet on sites like FaceBook and a bunch of blogs. If you grew up in Phoenix in the 1980s (like I did), you will remember a lot of these!

You Grew Up In The 80s In Phoenix If You...
1) Would have done anything for a Ladmo bag.
2) Tried to fry an egg on the sidewalk.
3) Can still remember the words to The Hepatitis Song.
4) Spent way too many summer days in a mall.
5) Remember listening to KZZP.
6) Went ice skating at Metrocenter.
7) Get irritated when people say "Yeah, but it's a dry heat."
8) Have red burnt cheeks in every childhood picture.
9) Had a pool in your backyard.
10) Vacationed in San Diego or Rocky Point.
11) Know what it feel like to come out of an icy cold movie theater into 110 degree heat - I miss that feeling!
12) Saw your mom drive with potholders.
13) Know what "tubing" means.
14) Have been "ice blocking."
15) Have a T-shirt that says "I survived the hottest day in Phoenix history" referring to that summer day in 1990 when it got up to 122 degree in the shade.
16) Consider yourself a "Zonie."
17) Ever put Christmas lights on a cactus.
19) Burnt the bottom of your feet running out to get the mail because you were too lazy to put on shoes.
20) Know some Spanish even though you never studied it.
22) Enjoyed making song requests at Organ Stop Pizza.
23) Got in trouble for leaving crayons in the back seat of the car.
24) Are not intimidated by a Super Big Gulp.
25) Your heroes were Kevin Johnson (KJ), Mark West, and Tom Chambers.
26) Had to pay full replacement price for the rented VCR tape you left in your car.
27) Shopped at Goldwaters, Broadway Southwest, Federated, Globe or Diamonds.
28) Remember Dave Pratt the Morning Mayor on 98 KUPD.
29) Can count the number of times it snowed in Phoenix on one hand.
30) Stood in line to watch movies at the original Cine Capri.
31) Snow cones and brain freezes made summer worthwhile.
32) Cried when Wallace and Ladmo went off the air.
33) Went to Pistol Pete's Pizza, ShowBiz pizza, and can recall Tex Critters at MetroCenter.
35) Remember Gemco.
36) Ate at Furr's Cafeteria.
38) Saw your first concert at the Arizona State Fair.
39) Remember the Madhouse Macdowell (Purple Palace).
40) Remember Suns Fever.
41) Recall Thunder Dan.
42) Mourned the loss of Cotton Fitzsimmons.
43) Believed in the 100 year flood.
44) Did the hokey pokey at Great Skate.
45) Cruised Central Avenue, Metrocenter, or Mill Avenue.
46) Worried about drive by shootings at school.
47) Remember only TWO freeways either the I-10 or I-17.
48) Remember who Rose Mofford or Evan Mecham is.
49) Know what Sonoyta Motors is.
50) Know what Price Club is (and when there was only 1).
51) Had Dimension Cable.
52) Know what the Phoenix Gazette is.
53) Went to Legend City or Compton Terrace.
54) Know what Yellow Front, Lucky's, Smittys, AJ Bayless, are.
55) Suffered with a swamp cooler.
56) Went boogie boarding on irrigation day.
57) Fished in the canal.
58) Went to the hot air balloon races at Thunderbird.
59) Thought 19th Ave and Cactus was in the boonies.
60) Speaking of the boonies - drank in the desert with the rest of your high school friends until the bright light of the helicopter came blaring down.
61) Were ever excited about your appearance on "Pets on Parade."
62) Suffered the consequences of leaving your sister's favorite vinyl record in the car.
63) Remember your parents voting (or not voting for) for the ValTrans monorail.
64) Thought Big Surf was rad!
65) Danced at Club Rio.
66) Remember Tex Earnhardt and his "That Ain't No Bull" commercials.
67) Attended a birthday party in a railroad car at the McDonald's on Bethany Home and 23rd Ave.
68) Remember the Dr. Demento show on KZZP every Sunday night.
69) Burned your hand trying to open your locker at school.
70) Locking your car doors as soon as you got south of Bethany Home.
71) Wished you lived in California.
72) Didn't believe that high schools actually had indoor halls and full size lockers like they do on TV.
73) Didn't go to the park until AFTER dark.
74) Thought sweatbands were not just a fashion statement.
75) Your hypercolor t-shirt was permanently a different color under your arms.
76) Knew not to shoot at a Saguaro because it could fall over on you and kill you.
77) Thought Flagstaff was REALLY cold.
78) Always saw at least 10 people you knew on Mission Beach (San Diego).
79) Knew who worked on Van Buren.
80) Remember when the Roadrunners were the only hockey game in town.
81) Remember when Buckeye was BFE.
82) Wore jellies in the summer even though you had really bad feet sweat.
83) Went to see Santa @ Westridge Mall (that was the best one with the whole set up).
84) Remember when Ahwatukee was a retirement community half way to Tucson.
85) Remember 50 cent movie Tuesdays at Valley West Mall.
86) Have a scar on the back of your thighs from the 3rd degree burns sustained from the metal clip your seat belt clicked in to. No protection given from the OP short shorts.
87) Remember the orange trees planted all the way down the middle of Black Canyon Freeway (Now called I-17).
88) Ever get your butt and legs burned by metal slides at the Whataburger across from Metrocenter? (What sadist would put metal slides on a kids playground in Phoenix????!!)
89) Remember when Sun City wasn't connected to the rest of the valley?
90) Ever have brunch at Mother Tuckers?
91) Remember when it only took 2 hours to drive to Flagstaff.
92) Going to slide rock in Sedona and hoping it wasn't closed due to high levels of bacteria in the water!
93) Remember when Terminal 2 was the only passenger terminal at Sky Harbor and you had to walk on the tarmac.
94) Got free tokens at the Valley West Mall arcade for good grades on your report card.
95) Celebrated a birthday at Ed Debevic's.
96) Thought Bobby McGee's was the coolest restaurant ever or went to Dr. Munchies.
97) Ever rode the "crack the whip" ride at Encanto Park.
98) Ever got attacked by a jumping cactus.
99) Know what to do when you hear a rattle in the desert.
100) Used to shop at LaBelles, eat lunch at Liberty Bell Pizza or get soda at the U-TOTEM on Cactus.
101) Remember the commercial about Valley Fever..."Dustyyyy, dustyyyy, dustyyyy"!
101) Remember when you could get 2 tacos and a small drink at Taco Bell for $2.
102) Had hot air balloons land in your backyard when you lived on 75th Ave and Bell by the orange groves known now as "Arrowhead Mall."
103) Witnessed the shock when the "art" on the 51 when installed. (Referring to the lovely toilet and large silver sphere.)
104) Had the bell rung for their birthday at Farrell's (Christown).
105) Remember going to the Phoenix Firebirds baseball games.
106) Remember Dewey Hopper-the weather guy who always wore school t-shirts.
107) Watched World Beyond on Sat. mornings.
108) Ate at Bob's Big Boy.
109) Enjoyed three scoop ice cream cones at Thrifty's.
110) Ever shopped at Pic n Save (aka "Pick Your Nose")
111) Remember "Come on over, to Peter Piper Pizza!"

I have to say that I remember a lot of these. Some of my own memories of Phoenix in the 1980s include:
-Watching the "Sunday on Central" parade down Central Avenue with my parents.
-When Castles-N-Coasters was still called Golf-N-Stuff.
-When Wet-N-Wild was still called Waterworld Safari.
-Walking around Rawhide Frontier Town when it was still in Scottsdale.
-Riding the train at McCormick Stillman railroad park.
-Going to Phoenix Firebirds games back when Arizona did not have a MLB team.

Please feel free to contribute your own memories of Phoenix in the 1980s by clicking the "Comments" link below this article!


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slopergirl said...

You know you grew up in Phoenix in the 80s if...
1. You know the importance of freezing your bed sheets.
2. You had to catch a ride with a friend with a Jeep to do the 8 mile dirt rode stretch they now call "Dynamite" to go to the Verde.
3. You remember when there was only one Burger King with slides.
4. You know what a Lenny Burger tastes like and remember Lenny actually serving it to you.
5. You know what the Brookshire restaurant was.
6. You have eaten at Tom & Tiny's while it was still in a bowling alley.
7. You thought an ice chest (or any thing you can fill with water) was a pool.
8. You've been searched before going to play games at Metro Midway after the "Bill & Ted" ice skating rink was removed.
9. You remember when Sunnyslope dead ended into the ghetto rather than the "million dollar mountain".
10. You remember the scratch & sniff sticker center at Circle K.
11. You've played the Basha's Bingo game during the Monkey's sitcom everyday.
12. The 51 freeway was a desert area to ride your bike.
13. You have been to the Different Pointe of View restaurant at the Pointe just to sit in the parking lot.
14. You called a phone number off TV everyday after school to get a free Swatch watch (hopefully one to match your Jellies).
15. You know what point 6 at the Salt River looked like.
16. 24th street was the best way to get to the airport.
17. You never dialed any long distance because "602" was the only area code in AZ.
18. Leg warmers and cut off sweatshirts were still cool to where when it was 110 degrees.
19. You swam in flooded streets after a good rain.
20 Smitty's is not only where you went grocery shopping (even open on Christmas) it's also where you got your Keds.

Thank you for the memories! We were actually just talking about the Yellow Front, Smitty’s, Jellies, & Keds last week!

slopergirl said...

I forgot to add a few important ones so here they are..
1. You know who Jim Howel is.
2. You have a dollar on the ceiling of the old Greasewood Flats from the day you were born.
3 You remember the Tree House Grill in Cave Creek (when it was an actual tree house).
4. Compton Terrace was the best place EVER to see a concert!

ISA Brokers said...

Smitty's Pizza!!!

bradley.lusk said...

No mention of the Swap Meet when it cost $.25 to get in and had the solid metal slide that ended in a pile of rocks.

Michelle said...

Good job. Probably a million more...

Phxnick said...

1. Pizza D'Amore at ChrisTown and Metro Center.
2. Michael's Apple Pie clothing store (7th Ave & Bethany).
3. Wonderful Russ on KDKB (Russell Shaw)
4. Vern & Craig's Love Workshop on KDKB
5. Nuclear Ned.
6. Feyline Field
7. U-Totem!
8. The Broadway/Diamond's at Metro Center.
9. Dreamy Draw.
11. When KUPD was called 'Cupid'.
12. KRIZ and also KRUX
13. "Good evening, I'm Ken Coy".
14. We all had Muscle Cars and cruised Central!!!!
15. Bell Road was two lanes.
16. Wagonyard Steakhouse w/the flaming covered wagon.
17. Mary Jo West

Anonymous said...

burn your hand opening the car door.
burn your feet making a dash to the swimming pool.
had some collectors albums in the back car window and they melted like a taco!
being an adult and laying in a kids plastic pool.
get your clothes soaks and stand under the swamp cooler.
putting your make up on and have it melt off before you got done.

Anonymous said...

Back to school clothes from Millers outpost !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Getting your bike seat (or any part of your bike) stolen from the bike rack at Valley West Mall.
(and remember when Great Games was Bagatelle)

Rosi Touye said...

Going to the top of south mountain at night and looking out at the Phoenix city lights

Sprntfn70 said...

How about Apacheland?

Anonymous said...

How about saying into an operating fan "93 KDKB...ROCKS...ARIZONA..." to simulate the commercial on the radio. Lol--:):):)

Also, did someone mention, "Mel's Diner" and how it was based-off a place in Phoenix? (recently saw one in Phoenix--wondering if it was the same)

Omar Turk said...

You had a Charlie White t-shirt.
The organ music played at the coliseum was an actual person playing an actual organ.
K Swiss were cool shoes.

Anonymous said...

Going to a Wrangler's football game.

Farrell's at Metro Center

The Cockpit overlooking the ice skating rink at Metro.

Jolly Rogers restaurant

Rocky Horror picture show for the midnight movies on the weekend

Cave Creek was way out there.

Union hills was the outskirts of town.

There were cotton fields going to Peoria.

Anonymous said...

swatch watches were all the rage.
z cavaricci pants were the bomb
everybody had a pair of vans shoes

Anonymous said...

Going to Pow Wow's in Guadalupe.

Jtrain said...

Jerry Foster and "SKY12" landed at your grade school

Anonymous said...

Hanging out at jack in the crack ( aka jack in the box) every weekend to find out where the parties were
Even a bad fake I'd would get you into anywhere
For the west siders, "chicken park"

Anonymous said...

You listened to KSTM! Cactus rd was the dirt road you took when you drove to PV Mall.

Anne Schulman said...

Park Central Mall...the netting, and the Purple Cow

Anonymous said...

You got your first pair of Vans at VANS golf pro shop outside Metro!
Ate at Kings Table buffet
Went to the mud bogs in deer valley

Anonymous said...

The loading dock ramp (skateboard) @ sears @ colonade, the bar with window lokking out at the ice rind @ tower plaza, the towers @ tower plaza shooting the locks at lake pleasent

Anonymous said...

40th st & bell and north is where you rode dirt bikes. Every kid had a bb gun and hunted in the desert. The water hole, the dyke, 7th st. And jomax rd was where we all partied.

Anonymous said...

TriCity Mall

Anonymous said...

Was Organ Stop Pizza around then?

Anonymous said...

Being able to stand on the roof of terminal 2 and watch the planes land.

Cruising Central Avenue and when that was stopped then Metro center.

I-10 ended at 115th ave and you had to drive through Buckeye to reach it.

Manzanita speedway

P.I.R. was owned by a local guy (buddy Jobe) and had wooden grandstands

dw said...

TV-61 music videos!

mesamolly said...

I moved here in 1987 and the original blog list extends well into the 90's. One correction - #93, Terminal 1 was the first and lonely. Baggage claim was also outside! No carousels! (I was driving Super Shuttle in 1988.)slopergirl's list was good 80s. I also heard about water skiing in the canals, pulled by cars driving along Indian School east of 56th St.

douglas said...

the sidewalks outside movie theater at the mall were wide enough to drive a car on and i did.

Anonymous said...

Listening to Bruce Kelly in his first stint in the valley

Robert Esparza said...

Don't forget the following:
1st. "Legend City" Phoenix version of Disney land.
2nd. "Shaky Pizza" on 32nd Street and Thomas.
3rd. "Pioneer Chicken" on 32nd Street and McDowell.
4th. "Red Devils Pizza" on 30th Street and McDowell.
Can you guess what part of Phoenix I lived at? And yes I'm a dough boy now.

Anonymous said...

the carousel at Bell Canyon Pavillions

Anonymous said...

before walmart and target when KMART could fulfill all our needs. As long as you didn't want to know how much anything was because they did not put prices on their stuff.

Jasmine said...

When Christown mall ( now Spectrum mall) had sand castles in it.

Frank Bowley said...

Moon mountain the slope fountain hills 7thst deer valley rd mudbogs Thunderbird rd Lenny montis. The double DD u know. Memories

Lisa Landry said...

Going back a bit further into the 70s I remember 1 penny mechanical pony rides at Straw Hat Pizza and going to the following places still in business today; The Sugar Bowl, Red Devil Pizza and Monti's!

Anonymous said...

Dancing at Sargent Pepper's the teen dance club in Tempe
Tri City Mall
Montgomery Ward
Long Wong's on Mill Ave

Anonymous said...

The Point Tapatillo or Resort after prom

Anonymous said...

Legend City, Manzanita Speedway, Tower Records, Grandfathers Pizza (35th T-bird)....

Randy said...

Took a sailplane ride at Turf Paradise!

Anonymous said...

What about . . . "What time is it?" . . . . "It's CARPET TIME!" lol

mewwsical said...

Bell Road used to be dirt, I remember our car getting stuck in the mud once.

Also Waterworld was originally called the Oasis, I grew up within walking distance. The area was not yet packed to the gills with houses, and there was not a single store of any kind on that side of the mountain.

Anonymous said...

went to Mary Coyles Ice Cream Parlor for banana splits.

Anonymous said...

Lake pleasant before the new Dam when there was a camp ground. Used to take over night field trips there with my 2nd grass class.
Pv mall before the parking garage.
Yellow front.
The empty lot that now had horizon high school on it.
Bell road was dirty
Rawhide in Scottsdale was a day trip
The gravel pits.

elsner203 said...

How about if you remember...

- The Wedge
- Motorola
- Thomas Mall
- Scottsdale High School
- The old Fashion Square
- The car shows at the Borgata
- The annual International Christmas Tree Show in the Valley National Bank Tower lobby

Anonymous said...

Understanding that mini golf is really called "Goofy Golfing!"

Anonymous said...

The Bell Road and I-17 offramps were a dangerous cloverleaf!

Sushimama said...

Gloria serving pizza and soda at Tommy's after colt 45s in the park
Wed nights at shadow mountain skate center good old perverted Al
Stealing the coins from the water ways at Golf n Stuff
Superfun @pv mall
Spencers gifts
Swap meet at dog track

Anonymous said...

Basha's "Texas Donut", Hot dog dinner at Taste-E-Freeze, Summer Reading Program (merciful oasis of a/c and Books!!)

Anonymous said...

Jonathon Brandmeier and the Leisure Suits.

Anonymous said...

-Ever took someone to Bobby McGee's and told them to wear a tie.
-You can remember when Pat McMahon wasn't always a radio host and political commentator.
-You can remember radio ads for Niel Frisbee's Capstone Cathedral.
-You can remember having indoor recesses.
-You ate dinner at Smitty's before going grocery shopping.
-You know what, "Montezuma's revenge" is.
-You know that a Horny Toad isn't really a toad.

goodyearchic said...

I saw "remember when wet n wild was waterworld safari?" How about before that when it was OASIS?

And the ongoing radio saga of Hal and Joanie..."The Twitty's", vs. Muammar Gaddafi. (And the song "Droppin' on Gaddafi.")

goodyearchic said...

Oh, and the "Papago" song, sung to the tune of the beach boys' Kokomo song! (Yes, I have to admit I stepped into 1990 with this reference....)

Anonymous said...

Jerry Foster in Sky 12
The Shea Plaza Cinema at 32nd St. and Shea
You still remember the Sun Valley Waterbeds jingle
Fed Mart
Ice skating at Tower Plaza Mall
Legend City

Anonymous said...

Christown Mall had the Santa house made of sand! As well as the HUGE white reindeer at Christmas.
It also had the huge sand figures throughout the mall......

Chris Lesser said...

desert parties out at the agua fria river bottom indian school and 107th ave...,.Jutenhoops at metro...girls in "zip around" leans....(zipper went from back all the way to front on jeans)...Papa J's Pizza at 59th Ave/Thomas Rd....

ducky said...

There was also KUKQ on the AM dial. There were good shows down at Compadre Stadium. There seemed to be much more water in the Salt River and it took a lot longer to tube than it does now. I used to drive all the way out to Sun City to go to the MVD for the shorter lines. I remember driving over the hill to get to Waterworld, and that racetrack out off I-10 towards LA actually looked nice and was used!

Anonymous said...

Remember some wonders Christown:
Bought music at Tower Records
Ate at Picadilly, JB's, Yang Dynasty, Farrells, Peter Piper Pizza
Bought clothes at Broadway, Dillards, JC Penneys, Montgomery Ward, and Millers Outpost
Shopped for groceries at ABCO
Played video games at Tilt
Shopped at Kay Bee Toys

Anonymous said...

Hiked "Squaw Peak" and watched highway 51, "Squaw Peak Parkway", being built

Cynthia Cordoba said...

Tri City Mall on Dobson and Main St, The Loan Arrangerx and before Abco, it was Alpha Beta!

Anonymous said...

London Goooooooooold.'s the best!

Anonymous said...

The knight on the horse in front of Green Gables
The Smoketree Restaurant
Kachina Elementary School
The Praying Monk
Ernie Brewer shoes
The date stand on Camelback Rd.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Brandmeier and the Leisure Suits
Motorcycle Marine on Grand Ave
Porky's Bar volleyball
Lunt Avenue Marble Club by Metro Center
MacArthur's Park Bar by Luke AFB

Mudweiser said...

1. Before it was Wet and Wild and Before Waterworld, it was Oasis Waterpark!

2. How about Getting a personal custom cassette tape made Live by M.C. Magic at PHX Park and swap!

Anonymous said...

PUTTS ON 7th st good times

clearwater213 said...

Very nicely wrought list!

Coronel Smith said...

Remember Sir Georges all you can restaurant
Remember Tommy's teen night club
Remember Hanging out at the Tico bus station after school
Remember the indian bread at the Swap Meet
Remember when the held Channel 10 hostage for ever and it was aired live

Anonymous said...

When the 60 freeway had grass, not rocks and desert landscaping on the sides, and at dusk and dawn, you could see all the rabbits that lived underground come out.

Anonymous said...

Minder Binders!

Anonymous said...

1.When Rundels Market (Sold alcohol to underage-rs) was on the corner of Mill and University
2. Roads to Moscow (The original punk store) was on Mill Ave.
3. Trails was called Happy Trails and was also on Mill Ave.
4. When Pete's Fish and Chips was on Mill Ave, and had only 10 stools to sit on and was a 50's diner. 5. Punk show venues The Metro, Prisms, The Mason Jar, Party Gardens, The Silver Dollar Club, and Random VFW halls.

Anonymous said...

When the 60 stopped at Alma School!
Skating at Skateland!
Pistal Petes!
Getting to Scottsdale ment driving throught the river and if it was flooded out you were SOL!
The Salt River flooding!

Jess said...

Does anyone remember the loan-a ranger and lotta car sales commercials that came on every 5 minutes late at night?

Anonymous said...

Jutenhoops was at Town & Country. I loved me some stickers and pens!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember Duschoff Books at 32nd Street and Camelback? My friend's family owned it until Borders came to town in the 90s and killed the small bookstores.

Anonymous said...

Remember the stamps you got from the grocery store that you'd turn in for things? My sister and I would get in trouble if we lost them. They went right in the book as soon as we got home.

You could also get dishes from the grocery store as an incentive to shop at that store. They changed the dish regularly so you had to come in once a week for a year to get the whole set. Mom still has a Christmas set.

Dulce said...

*Super Slide at intersection of 7th St and Cave Creek
*Strawberry oil from "Lotions and Potions" at "The Alley" at Metro
*Tatum was dirt North of Bell
*Union Hills was dirt between Cave Creek and 7th St
* "Gompers" Parade

Anonymous said...

Lew King Show with Wayne Newton.
Blakely gas station drinking glasses.
When Juttenhoops was on McDowell at 5th Ave. Palms Theater on Central. Miss Sherri's Romper Room Abortion. Aquanetta. The Acres, Northern and Cinema Park Drive-in Theaters.

Anonymous said...

Some more, though some bleed into the early 90s:

1) Riding inside the tiny boxcars at McDowell Railroad Park
2) Listening to Al McCoy call Suns games on radio and TV (Wham-bam-slam! Swisheroo-for-two! What a shot Whataburger!)
3) Field trips to the Carnation Dairy. The best part was the little vanilla ice cream bowl with the wooden spoon.
4) Channel 58, the JukeBox
5) Watching live helicopter coverage of dust storms
6) Watching live helicopter coverage of rescues of idiots who drove their cars into flooded washes
7) Suns and Roadrunners games at the Veteran's Memorial Colosseum (The Madhouse on McDowell)
8) Paddleboat rides at Encanto Park
9) Vinyl car seats, molten metal seatbelt buckles, no airconditioning, and short shorts
10) Getting to Apache Junction, even from Tempe, took forever
11) Hiking up to Fat Man's Pass on South Mountain
12) Faceplanting a Saguaro cactus while running down a hill, having dad use his car keys to yank out the spines
13) Super Saver Cinema
14) Orange Julius above the ice skating rink at Metrocenter
15) Peach and orange orchards in Peoria
16) Swamp coolers + monsoon season = ineffective
17) Golf 'n Stuff
18) Bus tokens with free 4 hour transfers
19) Bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Dreamy Draw
20) Sun Devils and Cardinals football at Sun Devil Stadium
21) The Fiesta Bowl parade
22) Filling up America West Arena in 1992 for a TV game during the Suns-Bulls NBA finals
23) The irony of listening to KOOL FM (94.5) on your walkman, while in the summer heat
24) The asphalt would get so hot, you could twist and dent it with your shoe

Anonymous said...

I used to clean buddys pool. Manzy was a cool track i remember.

Donna T. said...

Ray Thompson's mustache & bolo ties, and Dewey Hopper's umbrella "empty ribs!"

Anonymous said...

55 ... KOY!
Z-Rock - Flip us on and flip them off!
Tim, Mark & BS Mike on KDKB - Rump Ranger
Cotton fields, crop dusters and citrus groves.
Bob Mohan on KFYI - Blow out the phones (the original!)
Phoenix Cardinals playing at Sun Devil Stadium
The Loan Arranger
Federated Fred
Dave Pratt & the Sex Machine Band
Golf N Stuff

Anonymous said...

Remember PUTTS! It was indoor golf and at night was a dance club for teenagers!!!

Desert-dwelling city-kid said...

Wallace & Ladmo were our heroes!
Landy's Market at 15th Ave & McDowell; charge accounts & they would deliver groceries!
PoJo's pool hall at 15th Ave & Thomas
Kiddie land, canoes, and swimming lessons at Encanto Park
Legend City was our Disneyland
Big Surf!
St. Mary's H.S. & Phoenix Union in downtown Phoenix
Woolworth's & the city bus depot on Central & Washington (& yellow 20-ride bus-tickets the driver would punch); & the Barber College (buzz haircuts for $1) Veteran's Memorial Coliseum had it all: Phoenix Suns, Roadrunners Hockey, Phoenix Pride Soccer games, & outstanding concert venue
Phoenix GIANTS baseball & 10-cent beer night, with no-limit ordering; folks would show-up to the snack-bar with cupcake pans to carry beers.
Love's Barbecue, O'Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor (home of the $25 "ZOO" for ten of your friends) at Christown
Papago Park parties
Civil War Re-enactments at Pioneer Village just North up the I-17
Really bad ("100-year") floods when the streets would be completely underwater! Local public grade schools would open up in the summer with ping-pong, Carom, and board games. A-1 (Arizona) Beer (dad's favorite. Mary Coyle's Ice Cream
Sneaking your buddies into the Drive-in Theaters - The Silver Dollar & Bethany Drive-in; and a speaker or two might find its way elsewhere.
Rita Davenport & Stu Tracy on KPHO

Anonymous said...

1. Shooting the flumes,2. Jump on 43rd. and indian school, cartland!!3. Baja raceway4.Rollero!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was on 7th street north of Camelback.

Anonymous said...

I totally remember Straw Hat Pizza and the horse rides!!

Anonymous said...

There was also a Jutenhoops at Metro in the satellite buildings on the north end.

Anonymous said...

Remember "The Alley" in Metrocenter? I still have a license plate from there.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember Fed-Mart at I-17 and Dunlap?

Mikealee Lundgren said...

Does anyone remember a secret p lace where kids would trespass onto some old guy's property at night that had kind of an abandoned amusement park on it? It was like statues and sculptures of dinosaurs and clowns and random stuff. The guys I went with always said the old guy was crazy & would shoot us if he discovered us. It was the creepiest & coolest place!!!

Mike Shumway said...

*Cork N Cleaver
*Quilted Bear
*Lunt Avenue Marble Club
*Running from sprinkler hose to sprinkler hose on the 500 degree sand at Big Surf and the concrete water slide
*The University Theaters
*Wallace & Ladmo at Legend City and the Arizona State Fair
*Fred Rated Federated commercials
*Hi-Fi Sales, 21st Century Sound, The Stereo Center
*Round-Up Drive-in Scottsdale
*Earl's market Hayden & Indian School
*Malibu Grand Prix
*Chaparral Raceway
*The wax museum on Van Buren next to Legend City
*Cafe Casino
*Trader Vics in Old Town Scottsdale
*The movie theater in the basement of Los Arcos (and the arcade)
*Sgt Peppers teen nightclub in Tempe
*After hours at The Devil House
*Miracle Mile at Chris-Town
*The lunch counter at McCrory's at Thomas Mall
*Summer Movies at Harkins

pamela brodie said...

1. You shopped at Goldwaters at Park Central Mall
2. Went horseback riding for $10,00 an hour .
3. Thrifty icecream at Rhodes and Sears Mall.
4. The intersection of 27th ave and Grand was a cotton field.

Deione said...

getting stuck trying to cross grand ave. always and the only overpass was on Indianschool rd

Darla said...

Canterbury Carnival at 44th St and Thomas Rd. The original McDonalds on Indian School and Central. Plaza Three Modeling School/Agency. The Islands restaurant on 7th St. Isadore's Nightclub @ 20th St and Camelback before that area became Colonade Mall,it used to be the Sears-Rhodes Mall.

Anonymous said...

Shopping @ Popular Surplus for camping stuff
Lumber @ O'Malleys
How about Angels & Handyman before Home Base & Home Depot
Big Sky drive-in

Anonymous said...

Watched Hangliders on North Mountain!

Anonymous said...

Lionel's Playworld! Turn your frown upside down!

Fred said...

What part of town?

Anonymous said...

Dick's drive in
The devil club
Compton terrace
honey & the kid
When scottsdale fashion square was an outside mall
The Asylym, the metro, prisms, silver dollar club
Shea blvd was two lanes
Pima rd was two lanes, but a major thoroughfare into Scottsdale
Oscar Taylor's, Steamers, Roxannes
esprit at the Baltimore
Bare Cover
gelato on scottsdale rd
When downtown Scottsdale was just art galleries and turquoise jewelry stores owned by gilbert Ortega (so it seemed)
Roads to Moscow
whatever! Store at metro center
Sunday nights on 100.3 had the best new wave
Drive ins on Hayden and mckellips
after the goldrush
6 east

Marc P. said...

Midnight movie express
People went tubing down the street in 86 when the dam broke
Make out point on camelback mountain
Missing a city bus and waiting an hour in the heat
Summer movies at christown mall
Ruining every neighbors yard with a slip n slide
Big wheels

Cammie Solis said...

When you were excited to take the bus downtown to shop at Newberrys . When you shopped the bargain basement there or got to eat lunch at the lunch counter there. Or how about Franklins. They had a basement too. There was a Woolco and I believe a Roy Rodger fast food place. There was a Learners too. Or when just past 67th ave and Indian Schools was cabbage fields you walked through to get to Trevor Browne High School? Mr. Luckys on Grand Ave.

Unknown said...

Lunt Ave Marble Club
My Pi Pizza
Being super excited when Bill and Ted came out and featured scenes at Metrocenter
Band practice before school
The neighborhood off of east Bell Road where Christmas time meant luminarias in front of every house
The Moon Mountain fire
Pinnacle Peak Patio was way out in the country
Captain Super and Gerald
A swisheroo for two
Walter Davis
ZIA record exchange

Anonymous said...

Stickers everywhere on your car & Rocky Horror at the midnights :)

Kevin Standridge said...

My first paying job was helping vendors set up and sell their wares at the swap meet in 1984.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember Duschoff Books! My brother in law worked there from '87 - '88.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Lone Arranger commercials... also the Beacon Upholstery ads...

Rose Lane Pool in Glendale...

Anonymous said...

Miracle Motors on Grand Ave. If it's a good car , it's a Miracle.

Jennifer T. said...

Yes!!! There was a sign that said trespassers would be shot with salt rock!!!!

Jennifer T. said...


Jennifer T. said...

Circuit city, Montgomery wards, Lubys!!!! When World Market was Cost plus!

Jennifer T. said...

Going to the river and bringing lots of beers in coolers and tying your tubes together. Also loved the area where the top less girls and naked guys went cliff diving. Wow! That was interesting!

Jennifer T. said...

Service Merchandise!

Anonymous said...

Williams Field Air Base

Anonymous said...

Impeccable Pig
Crazy Dave Otto
Monterrey Whaling Company
Stainless Steel Artichoke
3rd Annual 100 years flood
Cold Rondo soda
Still called a dust storm

Perry A Munoz said...

Getting ur haircut at Smittys barbershop

Standing in line outside Diamonds box office to buy general admission concert tix.

Had to take Peoria to Dysart rd then go south to get on the I-10 when driving to Calif cuz the freeway stopped at Dysart.

Anonymous said...

My Pi Pizza at MetroCenter

Anonymous said...

On number #28. I remember when Dave Pratt issued his Official Sex Machine card. I have one that is on red paper, with my name #5181 on it and he signed it. Good old days they were

Christy said...

Used to tube down 35th Ave and Thunderbird after a big rain. Good times!

Anonymous said...

Buck and Barry's Bunkhouse Capers on KDKB
Beeline Dragway

Anonymous said...

Native New Yorker originally La Monicas
60 to Mill, then McClintock, then Price, then Dobson
Fiesta Mall being built
Dobson Ranch was big
Jump fence between Legend City and Phoenix Giants,
ASU was only football
Malibu Gran Prix vs. Chaparral Speedway
Used Cars filmed in Mesa
A Star is Born, filmed at Tempe Diablo
Spring Training games cost $2 to sit anywhere and bring your own beer
McClintock (keifer) vs. Moutain View (Parker)
Pizza dough from Smittys
Gravel pits in river bottom
Mill avenue only bridge open across Salt River
Cable waterski park in Gilbert (now in Orlando)
Bill Johnson’s Big Apple on Van Buren
Drinking age was 19
Nearest Del Taco was Blythe
Nearest Rubios Fish Tacos was San Diego
Not only Lunt Avenue but Willy and Guerrmo’s
Cruising Main in Mesa
Organ Stop on Southern and Dobson, West of Mc Donalds
Horseshoe drive in , Chandler
Pima Road shut down by Indians
Fort McDowell stand off
Red Light trailers at I10 and Baseline
Last Chance Saloon
Midnight horseback rides from Papago Stables to Lark
Don Bowles/Bob Crane
Frank Kush/Kevin Rutledge

Anonymous said...

Driving south through Dreamy Draw and being able to see Wrigley Mansion.

Anonymous said...

Ned's Market on 44th and Thomas
El Rancho Market on 40th and Indian School
Yates Army Surplus
Arnold's Pickle and Olive orchards on Indian School
The ice rink on 34th and Thomas before it moved to Tower Plaza
Making snowballs to throw at cars with the Zamboni 'snow' after they dumped it from the rink
Riding mini bikes on the canal bank (without getting caught)
The roller coaster ride out Scottsdale Road to Cave Creek
Dick Van Dyke's studio and house
Driving out to Cave Creek to see the house blown up in Zabriskie Point
The Glass Door restaurant in old Scottsdale

Anonymous said...

Who can forget the old haunted girls school on 19th and Northern? We had to drink a beer or two before going in there!

Anonymous said...

How about FedMart by Grand Avenue or T G & Y stores.

Anonymous said...

Glendale 7

Anonymous said...

Drag races at Beeline drag strip
Diving Lady at Mesa Motel
Buckhorn Baths & Resort in East Mesa
Mesa Drive-In Theater
Jack Williams & Paul Harvey(in Cave Creek) on KOY
Aquanetta (Mrs. Jack Ross) and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark movie hostesses
Baseline flower gardens
Phoenix Racquets with Jimmy Connors and Brian Cheney
Williams AFB pilot training
Channel 10 singing off with "High Flight"

Jeff Benson said...

Class of '87

I remember just about all of these things.

Anyone remember when Dave Pratt had to apologize on the air for Michael Jackson canceling his show? I remember he got jumped in a public bathroom shortly after and everyone thought it had to do with the MJ thing.

Remember "The Loons" on Jonathon Brandmeier's show? What about when he and Pratt had that catapult contest? I forgot what they were launching.

Something I truly miss was the awesome monsoons. Seems like they were so much heavier in the 80's.

Nice memories but I'll never go back there again. It's not the Phoenix we all knew and grew up loving.

Anonymous said...

Madison Square Gardens
Zonies (in Chandler)
After the Gold Rush
The Mason Jar

Larry Randel said...

Bill Close
Marge Condon
Waiting in to see Jaws in the unfinished lower level below the theater in Christown in Disneyland-style switchback cattle lines

Anonymous said...

Fishing at Roadrunner park
Sammy B's Pizza accross the street from PV Mall...
Horizon High School Raquet ball courts.....
The Arcade in PV Mall and the pizza place next to it with square slices.....
Wallace and Ladmo were the best show on tv.....
Metro Center golf n stuff, Farrells for your skating too...
Roller skating.....
Seeing Poltergeist at PV Mall.....
Riding Motorcycles...
Delivering News papers in morning for the Arizona Republic. ..
Seeing AC/DC at compton terrace.....
Veterans Memorial Collesium concerts....Black Sabbath Quiet Riot ZZ Top
Frys Pizza
The fountain that shot up 100 feet

Michelle Borchansky said...

Going out to the cotton fields at night to watch the jets during night flights.
Playing football in the field when it was irrigated.
Indian Fry Bread at Christown Mall.
Bring a Candystripper at Phx Baptist Hospital

Deena Kozorra said...

It was all about having keg parties in the river bottom and grew up spending a lot of time at great skate!

Anonymous said...

Painting the S on the hill across from Sunnyslope High School.

Anonymous said...

Wily and Guillermo's Mexican restaurant
Cloth World
Appetitos pizza
Partying at Lake Pleasant

Anonymous said...

12 News with Kent Dana and Linda Alvarez
Jutenhoops at Town & Country
His Co Disco on 16th St
Hot Bods on McDowell
Angels Flight polyester pants
Crayon shoes and boots
Feeding the birds at Patriot's Park during lunch
Valley National Bank picture ID cards

jamoore said...

Duffys Tavern
Pix Theatre
Ellen Marie dress shop
Karems clothing
Dino's pizza
Jack Ross and Aquanetta

Tara said...

I remember that place! Wasn't it off of Cave Creek rd.?

James L. Amor said...

I didn't read this entire list, so I'm sure this may have been said, but here's my two cents:

Will ALWAYS call "Spectrum Mall" Christown Mall.
Will ALWAYS call "Desert Sky Mall" Westridge Mall.
Remember "J.J. - The King of Beepers."
Got your stereo system installed at Audio Express - Home of the $1 Install.
Grew up on "La Canasta's" Mexican food.
Remember La Tolteca.
Remember The Matador Restaurant downtown. (I still can't believe they had to close down because they had the best steak picado EVER).
Think Kevin Johnson dunking on Olajuwon is an incredible sports highlight.
STILL can't stand the Bulls or the Rockets.
Remember Jake 'the snake' Plummer.
Used to wake up to "Wake up, wake up, WAKE UPPP! on Power 92.
Remember "95.5, KY...OOOOOOO-T"

Jenny said...

Scoops Ice Cream before it became Sammy B's Pizza
carnival type rides in the food area of P V Mall before they moved them out and put in a fruit and vegetable market
Scaggs Drug Store next to Alpha Beta at Cactus and Tatum
Smitty's sign at the front door asking you to leave your firearms at the service desk
heading to Phoenix from PV Mall, the closest gas station was at 24th St. & Camelback
When the Pope came to Phoenix
Cotton Fitzsimmons
Miracle Mile Deli at Park Central Mall
Chompies Bagles on 32nd and Shea
Fun, Fun memories from a wonderful time to live in Phoenix

Anonymous said...

What was the pizza place on Broadway east of Rural across from the University Theaters in Tempe in the 70's?

BRn N Rzd N Tempe said...

^Was it Straw Hat? Later it was Pranksters Gar and Brill right next to the Car wash?
I remember playing Galaga for 8 hrs str8 at that place on 1 Quarter!
Valley Art Theater on Mill

BRn N Rzd N Tempe said...

Also what was the Ice cream place next to Luckys, Super X and Yellow Front run by the X Police Officer?
SE Corner Broadway and Rural?

BRn N Rzd N Tempe said...

Shakeys on Apache and Jims Superette

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Loving all these wonderful memories...

When channel 3 was ABC
Channel 5 was the "independent" station
Channel 10 was CBS
Channel 15 was on the UHF (?, or was it VHF) dial

Cruising up and down Central
When I-10 extended further and you took it to the end just to drive it (I can't have been the only one!)

Anonymous said...

When Honeywell was located on 31st Dr, between Thunderbird and Sweetwater. When Surprise was nothing but dirt!

Carl D said...

The Skipper from Gilligan's Island doing Scottsdale Subaru commercials.
The Devil House. The Library. The Dash Inn. When they were filming Used Cars at Darner's. The Forge Bird. Tri-City Mall.

Vid Gastineau said...

Kopa 100
Tower Plaza dollar movie
Before FedMart it was Globe
Southwest Supermarket
El Rancho Market
Humpty Dumpty Restaurant
Furrs Cafeteria
Piccadilly Restaurant
Smitty's Diner
Ed Debevics
Yellow Front's
Phoenix Memorial Hospital
Baseline road was all orchards and flower girls
When Dobbins road was all dirt
25 cents thrifty ice cream
Penny Savers
Phoenix Gazzetes
The dome stage at Encanto Park
Swensen Ice Cream Parlor
Manzanita Restaurant
Sargent Peppers teen club in Tempe
Video Roundup in Scottsdale
Los Arcos Mall
Bobs Big Boy on Central
Ricardo's Mexican on 24th Street & Thomas
Cruzin Central in South Phoenix/Central/ Mill ave/ Metro Center circle
Playing in the ice dumded from the ice rinks
Woolworths on Central
Club Zazoo's
Club Rio
Club The Works
The Garden
Buckeye Road had farms
Valley National Banks
United Banks
City bus was called Tico
....and the list can go on

Anonymous said...

Sombrero theater, rocky horror picture show.

Anonymous said...

Big Sky Drive In on Grand
Club 21
The Store West
Scene West
Mr. Luckys
Having to watch the Fabulous Thunderbirds (the puppets that flew around in planes) late night because that was all there really was to watch.
Celebrity Theatre 24th St. & VanBuren---concerts in round. Saw Cheap Trick there it was great. Said hi to a bunch of the women prisoners walking back to my car later on.
Working a John's Green Gable Miniature Golf over by Bobby McGees off Black Canyon
Great hot pastrami sandwiches at Miracle Mile Deli in Christown
Accidentally eating an ornamental orange-UCK
Having to pick up and pick citrus fruit, then trying to give it away because your parents didn't want it to go to waste.
Only having to be 19 to drink, then when bartending trying to figure out what year they had to be born in, to be "grandfathered"
The Flumes out at Lake Pleasant
The pink sidewalk by Wriggy's Mansion
Sitting in bean bags watching the Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" laser show at Legend City
Bill Johnson's Big Apple on Indian Shcool
Graham Central Station
Oh and one of my favorites... Going to Dry Scorpion Gulch at South Mountain after horsebacking riding at $5.00 an hour withOUT some stinky person from the stables having to accompany you to make sure you didn't get lost....Seriously??

Jessica Zeman said...

Beardsley Road before it was the 101.

The Bash on Ash.

The Bell Road AMC movie theater on 59th and Bell before a church bought it. I saw Free Willy 5 times and Jurassic Park 7 times there!

The I-17 and Bell Dollar theater was actually $1 (it's still exactly the same in side tho).

I-17 exits were giant round circles (clover leaf style).

The old farm house on 83rd and Bell before In n Out took over.

You had to drive to California for In n Out (and Starbucks).

Horseshoe Dam had water in it.

The only store near Waterworld for years was a gas station w/a Blimpies.

Anonymous said...

$19 Levis 501's at Yellow Front
Donnie O'Brien's Chicago Stuffed Pizza
The Spaghetti company on Mill in Tempe.
Sub Stop on University in Tempe...had my first beer there when I turned 18 (Foster's oil can) with a roast beef sub while at ASU.
Panchos's(Palo Verde mall) where you raised the Mexican flag on your table for more food and refills.

Dayna Fuller said...

Smitty's candy counter and snack shop.
The nickel Pickle deli in Valley west.
Lunch with Mr Casillas at la perla
Mexican/American/Chinese food restaurant called South of the Border around 35th ave and Thomas
Gemco-my mom worked at the one on 35th ave and Glendale
The old America Store,

Anonymous said...

Watched the ice skaters, while you sat in the Metro Lounge (which was a plane shaped lounge along with the control tower that overlooked the rink)

Anonymous said...

Remember the Goldberg & Osborne commercials.
Can sing the Waterworld Safari jingle ("whoa Waterworld...Waterworld!").
Bought and sold CDs at Zia Records (more 90s?).
Played on the big duck in Sunnyslope during little league games.
Waited by the radio to hit record when your favorite song played on the radio--usually on KZZP (80s mix tapes, baby).
Remember Pic'n'Save before it was MacFrugal's before it became Big Lots.
Ate at Fatso's Pizza.
Dreamed of having your birthday party at Showbiz Pizza.
Remember driving past the detention center along I17 when it was out in the boonies.
Bought bread and pastries at the Dolly Madison Bakery Outlet.

Anonymous said...

"your old Pard" from the Happy "smoke shop" Trails radio commercials ? Mad Gardens -- wrestling arena / Punk music venue ? or just breaking the Worst Sweat of Your Life 3-5 minutes after exiting the shower? fun times , the 80's ... oh did any one mention the mighty Chuck's 95'er ?? :-P best Biscuits n Gravy EVER !!

John A. said...

yip ! Spot on :-)) MSG: the Misfits, the Adicts, " BH"Surfers, TSOL ,,, Whiskers West biker bar too..Frank and Joe's Mason jar -- Lords of the New Church show **RlP stiv Bator's :-D

Anonymous said...

How about ABC on channel 3.

KO210 said...

When Elliot and Ellsworth was the best place to have a huge bonfire.

Anonymous said...

Kresgee drug store where you could get deli meat and slurpees
The pop shoppe on Indian school

Anonymous said...

So many good ones already mentioned. Here are a few more of mine:
The Pink Sidewalk
The Magic Forest
The Magic Dragon
New Wave Wednesday at Devil House
The International Food Court at Town and Country
The Monestary
Ladmo’s Hamburgers
Scottsdale Fashion Square as an open air mall
Madison Square Garden punk shows
The Wax Museum (which later became Party Gardens and hosted punk shows)
Billy Clone and the Same
The Flumes
Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Sombrero Playhouse
The Tree House in Cave Creek
Goog’s on Camelback after the bars closed
Cutter’s Hair
The Janitor’s Closet Bar underneath Christown
Chez Nous
Boondocker parties off Beardsley Road (no houses for miles upon miles!)
Munch A Bagel
Carnation Restaurant at the Carnation Dairy on Central
The AJ Bayless Museum
The Playboy Club
The Dash Inn
Yellow Front was THE place to buy Levi’s
Madison Pay ‘n Take It

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said.....
going to eat at Chucks 95er...they had the best french fries!!! and the smell of the chips cooking at El Diablo...lived close to these 2 places for a while...also...the Outdoor Swap Mart, was really a swap mart...nothing likie today :( .......

Anonymous said...

Gold Rush in Tempe
Zazoo's westside
Walking the old Tempe Bridge from the softball fields
Four wheeling South Mountain
Four wheeling the river-bottom by the freeway all the way to Mill Ave
One way traffic on the Mill Ave bridge. Southbound was a paved road through the river bottom.
Taking your girl to the Parking lot out at the East end of Sky Harbor watching the planes take off and land.
Papa Jay's Pizza Tempe
Cruising South Central
Baseline Flower gardens on both sides of the road for miles
Popcorn shrimp at the Sizzler
Mervyn's back to school shopping
Fiesta Mall was the latest and greatest
Giving the monkey 25 cents at Park and Swap (44th st) so he can tip his hat.
Getting your fake ID at Park and Swap

Anonymous said...

The Rusty Nail restaurant 19th Ave and Bell,when each was one lane in either direction.
Turf soaring school was at Turf Paradise Race Track
Desert parties at 19th Ave and Happy Valley Road

Suzanne Hurlbert-Smith said...

Treehouse n Compton terrace! Yea!

Suzanne Hurlbert-Smith said...

Ask Alce or Flo

Ron Thorpe said...

Painting S mountain, near Sunnyslope High School.

Krobinson2 said...

When every kid thought it was a great idea to bodyslam themselves to the ground on a Slip n Slide.

Anonymous said...

I remember Bill Heywood in the morning driving down I-17 to work every morning.

cj06 said...

The CAP canel being built !

Mr M said...

I remember Monti's

Mr M said...

I thought Sgt pepper's was cool but Confetti'S in Valley West Mall was the best!

Anonymous said...

Eating steak at Monti's La Casa Veja
Hanging out of Mill Ave on the weekends
ASU games, better yet, giving a hard time to anyone who dared show up to school in a UofA tshirt.
If you lived in Mesa, swimming at any of the Junior High pools for a dollar all afternoon.

Unknown said...

My friend was the booking agent and promoter for Silver Dollar and 6 East was so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Skateworld across the street from Thomas Mall had an 'All Night Skate.'
Round the Corner burgers at Metro Center where you ordered your food on a phone at your table! I loved the All-American burger!
Brunch with my family at The Beef Eaters watching old people drink and listen to the piano player in the bar, most excellent!
Jolly Rogers (Pirate boat theme)outside of Town and Country mall.

Anonymous said...

Sammy's, Hotbods, The Connection, Trax, The Apollo, Charlie's, Farrah's, Attitudes, Brazil, JR'S Hideaway, Preston's, NuTown Saloon

Ladonna Grant said...

Out of all that I read I did not see any mention of Maryvale Mall Now Wal-Mart and an elementary school on 51st ave and indian school

Anonymous said...

Surgical Steel
The School boys

Anonymous said...

Guggy's (coffee shop)

Frankie Hill said...

All the good friends I had growing up ,and the barn in tonopah

Anonymous said...

Weekends of Rhythm skating to Sugarhill Gang at Great Skate, birthday parties with train rides at Encanto Park. McDonald's playground had metal slides that burned your butt when you slid down them during the summertime and the best ICECREAM ever was at Thifty's! You were " a boss " if you walked out of there with a four scooper on your cone!!

Anonymous said...

Taking the outdoor shuttle bus from one side of fashion square mall to the other.
Pop's restaurant with the best pastry.

Anonymous said...

Or After The Gold Rush!!

Unknown said...

Climb inside the circle k ice containers on my way home from Estrella Jr. High

Anonymous said...

Margs at The Dash.
North and South Court at Thomas Mall.
The Rundle Bum.
River bottom before ASU games.
Confetti's on Mill.
Hitch hiking back to your car after a day on the salt.
Stu Tracy tossing fake sun and clouds on the cheesy weather map.
Listening to the Star Spangled Banner before the TV stations went to snow.

corey said...

Sitting at the food court in P.V. mall imagining what Pizza DE Amore use to look like, and playing video games at the arcade next to it. Leaving when the money ran out to see tumbleweeds in the parking lot, being able to see a mile in the distance through undeveloped neighborhoods.

What I would give for a slice of that pizza. It was awesome. Today a Vietnamese joint called Valley Vietnamese Food sits in its place.

Terry B said...

Broom Hockey,The Devil House, olive Grove Park for "working out Your Problems" Denim and Diamonds, Legend City. The Deli by Camelback High, Yard Burns, Jumping off cliffs at BluePoint Bridge, Tommy's at 7th ave Camelback McDonalds at 16th st.Camelback. N.E. corner.

Unknown said...

Does Anyone remember RB Furniture on Camelback and one on Scottsdale Road? And the big Levitz on Indian School? Anybody have photos? Also the Love's Restaurant at Christown?

Anonymous said...

"You'll have a lot to like, at Europe at night, At 2303 E. Apache Trail!"

Anonymous said...

No gated high schools - Off campus lunches
Playing "Ditch em"
Calling the operator because the phone line was busy and you wanted to know if there was conversation on the line or ask to interrupt the call.
Only 7 television stations and rabbit ears with the best shows like:
Cell Block H
Barney Miller
Happy Days
Mash (ugghh - parents favorite show)
Benny Hill
Green Acres
Charlie's Angels
American Bandstand...
Turning in pop bottles for money or writing a note to buy cigarettes at the store forged by you from your parents.
The Library (pool hall)
Rockers on Indian School
The bar at Valley West Mall that was underground by Miller's Outpost - Had business cards all over the walls (if I remember correctly)
Boones Farm - Strawberry Hill and Fuzzy Navel Alcohol
Wallabee shoes or GASS shoes
Delivering telephone books in the back of a pick up truck
Roach Clip feathers in your hair
Sex Machine pajamas and the 98 KUPD red card
The Flumes on 107th and Glendale.
Atari - asteroids and donkey kong
Pole Position - Driving Arcade Game - one of the first out.
Going to the drive ins on bethany home rd and playing on the playground by the snack bar.
What I would give to be able to have raised my children in our days. Instead of all this internet BS and cell phones.. What memories.. I miss sooooo much.. would do anything to relive those days and not change anything..

Lyle White said...

You know where Squaw Peak is, you climbed Camelback mountain and had they had no trail or hand rails. South Mountain was where you went to have car sex.
And Phoenix was separated from all the other cities by dirt roads.
And as to the 51....the house where I was born is now paved under it :)

Michelle Metcalfe Stigen said...

You know you grew up in the 80's if you went to 8's Great Sunday at Fountain Hills! You went cliff diving at Saguaro Lake!
Went to May West on Hayden & Univerity after The bars closed.
You went to Casey Moores on 9th & Ash in Tempe after you got off work at Monis La Casa Viega.
Went to the jet boat races at Firebird Lake!
Went to Parties at the end of Baseline Riad, or Ray and Kyrene (kegs & Bands) in high school!
The cattle guards on way to salt river had special meaning!
Ditched school in high and went tubing down the salt river before they had buses and tube rentals!
Yes, and the KDKB Airforce, but KUPD was the Red Rockin Rafio & Dave Pratt was the coolest DJ ever!

Stacy Dunlop said...

I literally just read through this entire list and not one person mentioned Roadrunner truck stop and the big ass sign. Jimmy Z shorts sliding down the middle of the escalators at the mall before they put the dividers in, Captain Bill's Subs which is still there and is still cheap as all get-out. Hole in the rock, make out sessions on Lincoln Drive overlooking the city. Bill close hostage situation, William Holden's mysterious death, the Mendoza, mountain shadows, Flight of the Phoenix. Bob Crane Hogan's Heroes found bludgeoned and strangled to death still a mystery, Robert Fisher the guy that let his wife and child burned to death still on the Run, the satisfied frog in Cave Creek, standing outside the gates of the tarmac to welcome the Suns home, watching actual Suns game at Veterans Memorial Coliseum instead of a concert. Buying concert tickets at Dillard's box office, the Sun Devils winning the Rose Bowl in 87, Baskin-Robbins was called 31 Flavors and rarely did they ever actually have 31 flavors, Glamour Shots, Superstar recording studios in Metro Center where you were the star. Calling into a radio station to request a song and not recording it because you wanted to hear the song recording it because you thought you were the coolest person in the world for getting on the radio, the Aviary at Christown Mall Comet, Kids Incorporated after school. IGA, Salt River Pete, Pioneer Village field trips, Brookshires, Carlos O'Brien's Mexican food, factory 2 u, ABCO, Tetherball, the fountain outside Metro Center, doing community service for breaking curfew, Fourth of July at GCC, hobo Joe's, Mr lucky's, the giant burlap slide, Toolies Country, Nifty 50's and their open Mic stage, dinner at Bonanza, when I cannot for the life of me remember the name but I remember there used to be one I believe it 35th Avenue and Peoria in the Osco parking lot, it was a tiny little hamburger joint you didn't go in to eat you walked up to the window and ordered and they were like $0.35 and they were so good and they had the best fries also better than rally's if anybody can remember the name that would be awesome. Yums Chinese buffet and I think I'm going to end up there I could probably go on but honestly I think all of these are unmentioned.

Anonymous said...

Srgt peppers teen club in mesa. Looking for a Wendy. Back in 80' s. Lloyd behunin...foodtruck junkees facebook

Anonymous said...

1. Legend city was open
2. Bingo played inside christown mall televised on 3tv
3. Anything west of 67th ave was pretty much orange groves and cotton fields.
4. There were like 3 hospitals in the valley. St. Joes., Good Sam, and Phoenix Baptist

phxaz2004 said...

I remember all of these!

Anonymous said...

Popos Mexican restaraunt on 67th ave & Indian School, mudbogs at 7th St & Deer valley,living in old Glendale and having to sandbag your house so the floodwater didn't get in, ROCKY HORROR every weekend! Awesome memories!

Jennifer Henning said...

Gus's Garden .... the unlucky ones of us got shot at by his son with salt pellets lol

Anonymous said...

W. Steven Martin on KNIX
Malabu Speedway in Tempe
Don't remember the buggy raceway on Van Buren

lynn flanigan said...

their was a night club in the 80's around 19th ave and deer valley NOT BLISS does anyone remember ???? again it was not BLISS

Anonymous said...

Remember the Pink Floyd parody: We don't need no irrigation, we don't need no flood control. No .... in the valley. Governor leave those dams alone. Hey, governor leave those dams alone.

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