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They say that the key to good writing is to write what you know. As a native Arizonan, there is perhaps no place I know better than my home in Phoenix, Arizona. However, Phoenix is a very large city with many different neighborhoods. I often run into people who have no idea about anything going on in the north part of the city.

There are a lot of Phoenix blogs out there already, but I believe there's room for at least one more. My goal is to keep readers informed of the cool local stories that you won't read about anywhere else. This site is sort of like a mix between a travel guide and a newspaper.

Of course, I always complement my posts with original photography that aims to illustrate my story and showcase the natural beauty of our desert oasis that is Phoenix. This blog has been a great way to sharpen my photography skills, although much of the credit belongs to my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 digital camera.

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North Phoenix Blog is a locally owned and operated blog in the Phoenix area. The site is provided free of charge as an informational and entertainment resource. I write because I want to and do not accept any compensation or gifts to write about or promote specific groups in my articles.

The site generates a small amount of income from third-party advertisements visible between postings and in the sidebar. North Phoenix Blog has no control over the content of these ads.

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