Phoenix Resources

Phoenix Resources
This page contains a selection of some of my favorite Phoenix-related websites and blogs. They are organized into categories for easier viewing.

Arizona Blogs
Arizona Destinations - This blog offers an excellent look at cultural and historical points of interest in the greater Phoenix area.
Arizona Oddities - A cool blog featuring Arizona history and attractions.
Downtown Phoenix Journal - All about urban living and developments in the downtown area.
Arizona History
Arizona License Plates - Take a photographic tour of Arizona license plates throughout history.
Ghost Towns of Arizona - Complete listing of known ghost towns and camps in Arizona.

Phoenix History
Around Arizona - A fantastic wealth of Arizona history, trivia, and information. 
Historical Photos of Phoenix - Leif Swanson's amazing collection of historic Phoenix photos.

History Adventuring - A magnificent site run by Brad Hall all about Phoenix area history, with original research and historic photos.
History of Van Buren St. - A detailed chronicle of one of Phoenix's most famous streets.
Modern Phoenix - Archives of historic architecture and buildings of Phoenix.
General Interest
Photos of Phoenix - Detailed photos of various places around town.

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