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Sep 15, 2009

Palm Tree Silhouette at Sunset in North PhoenixOne of the many neat things about living in Phoenix is that the natural beauty of the desert landscape provides endless opportunities for photographers.

Thanks to the popularity of photo blogs, you can see for yourself what almost every corner of the valley looks like. Check out some of these great Arizona photo blogs:

Phoenix Area

East Valley

West Valley

North and South of Phoenix

If you have your own Arizona-themed photo blog, please post a comment or a link and I will add your site to the list!

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JimB. SouthScottsdale said...

1980s. 1. When South Scottsdale was the only Scottsdale. 2. When photo mats weren't coffee shops. 3. Midnight movies. 4. The fish bowl. 5. 264 1444. 6. The river was still the river. 7. Rockers, Bostons, Hammer Heads, Electric Ballroom, MasonJar. 8. Concerts at the first Compton Terrace. 9. Brocabella hats. 10. Legend City. 11. The water hole. 12. River bottom parties. 13. Drag racing on Mckellips before casino existed. 14. Ditch weed. 15. Really good cocaine. 16. Indica. 17. The Dogz before Jason was in Metallica. 18. Icon. 19. Surgical Steel before Rob Halford was gay. 20. Sizzler


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