New QuikTrip Under Construction in North Phoenix

Mar 17, 2009

North Phoenix QuikTrip Store Under ConstructionTimes are tough for many businesses in Phoenix, but one company continues to build and expand its network of convenience stores.

North Phoenix's newest QuikTrip store is now under construction at the Southwest corner of 19th Avenue and the Loop 101 freeway. For the past couple of weeks I have watched as construction crews cleared the land and prepared it for building. Just the other day, a friend told me about the newly installed sign confirming it will be a QuikTrip.

The new store will join three other North Phoenix locations including 17th Avenue and Bell Road, 7th Street and Loop 101, and the Cave Creek Road and Deer Valley Road store.

QuikTrip Gas Station Coming SoonThere are several reasons I prefer QuikTrip over other convenience stores. First, every location has plenty of gas pumps so there is almost never a line to fill up. The stores are always spotless inside and the employees are outgoing and friendly. They always greet me with a warm welcome whenever I come in.

Inside the store, there is a great selection of drinks, snacks, and other goodies to tempt every palette. From fresh fruit and sandwiches to donuts, hot dogs, and taquitos, the choices are both healthy and delicious. Checking out is a speedy process with multiple cashiers on duty and efficient, swift service as the golden standard.

Where QuikTrip really stands above the competition is in the details. Every store has clean public restrooms available without the need to ask for a key. The air and water pumps in the parking lot are also free. The gas pump islands always have paper towels and squeegees for cleaning your car windows. And of course, every store is open 24 hours a day.

QuikTrip is a unique chain of convenience stores that was founded in Oklahoma in 1958 by Chester Cadieux. QuikTrip opened its first Phoenix store in the year 2000. Nine years later, they have expanded to 50 locations in the greater Phoenix area with more under construction. Altogether, QuikTrip has over 500 locations in 9 states and employs over 10,000 people.

We would like to congratulate QuikTrip on its well-deserved success and welcome their newest store to the North Phoenix area!

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