AZCentral Needs Your Vote for Reader's Choice 2009

Mar 26, 2009

AZ Central Reader's Choice Poll 2009If you ask ten Phoenix residents which local restaurant has the best Mexican food, you'll get ten different answers. But what if you could ask ten thousand residents or more? A majority of votes for the same restaurant would be a very strong indication of that restaurant's performance.

Well now is the time to make your voice heard, because the Arizona Republic wants your opinion on everything from dining to shopping, arts to entertainment, and everything in between! You can vote for over 100 of your favorite local hotspots in their online poll through April 15th. The results of "Reader's Choice 2009" will be published by the Arizona Republic in May.

Take a moment to participate in the annual survey, now in its 3rd year. Your favorite local businesses would thank you and it only takes a few minutes. Check it out:

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