Vintage Signs of Phoenix

Dec 28, 2014

In our high-tech modern world of apps, connected devices, same-day delivery and always-on broadband, it might seem like we are living in the future. However, there are still signs of the past all around us.

Take Phoenix for example. While it is a very modern city with urban lofts and the Metro Light Rail, there are also signs of the past everywhere! Many of these signs are hand-painted unique creations that look out of place in the mass-produced, corporate style guide world of today.

Each of these signs uses shape as well as color to draw the eye and to illustrate movement. I am interested in preserving this part of Phoenix's history through photography, and today I want to share with you some of my favorite vintage signs in Phoenix.
Cheese 'N Stuff Delicatessen

City Center Motel - Phoenix

Courtesy Chevrolet Sign

Golden Moon Palace Chinese Restaurant

Hinkley's Lighting Co.

Mr. Lucky's on Grand Ave

Vintage-looking Walgreen's Drug Store in Phoenix

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