Greenway Parkway Bridge Replacement Project Begins

Mar 19, 2014

If you live or work near the area of 19th Avenue and Greenway Parkway, you'll want to know about this. A segment of Greenway Parkway from 16th Drive/Beck Ln. to 14th Ave is CLOSED until August 31, 2014. The road is closed while the bridge over Cave Creek Wash is being replaced.

Drivers must seek an alternate route as the road is closed to traffic and pedestrians in both directions. Bell Road and Thunderbird Road are recommended as alternate routes. Additionally, city bus service along Greenway Parkway will be suspended between 19th Ave and 7th Ave during this time.

Construction began on March 3rd and is scheduled to be completed at the end of August 2014.

The Greenway Parkway Bridge in December 2005.
The bridge was completely demolished in March 2014.

The city of Phoenix Street Transportation Department discovered that the bridge was structurally deficient and needed to be replaced.

The old 212 foot long bridge carried six divided lanes of traffic (3 eastbound, 3 westbound) with a volume of approximately 28,000 vehicles per day, according to ADOT.

The roadbed of the old bridge was supported by a number of concrete columns. The new design will be a triple box culvert which will provide additional strength and necessitate fewer repairs than the old bridge, which was opened in 1988.

Please visit for updates on the Greenway Parkway bridge replacement project. (Update 2015: the site is now offline).

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