Grand Canyon University Construction Update

Jun 4, 2011

Grand Canyon University Event CenterEarlier this year, we wrote about the $60 million dollar renovation underway at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. The project began in 2009 and includes a new dormitory, classroom building, athletic center, and event center.

Now, Grand Canyon is expanding the project even further with a new dining hall and plans for a high-rise classroom building, chapel, and a parking garage!

Work continues on the University's 135,000-square foot Event Center, which was designed by Architekton of Phoenix, Arizona. The massive facility will seat 5,000 people and host a variety of events including basketball and volleyball games, concerts, family shows, conferences, and other arena-style events. It is expected to open later this year.

The school's new Fitness and Athletic Center opened its doors in 2010. The 55,000-square foot building is located behind the Administration building and features three regulation size basketball courts, a weight room, and a dance studio.

Of course, Grand Canyon is still a school with education a top priority. The school opened a new Academic Building with 19 classrooms and 19 faculty offices for the Spring 2011 semester. Located in the center of campus near the Event Center, the two-story building also features student lounges equipped with Wi-Fi Internet and outlets to recharge personal electronic devices.

GCU Prescott Hall DormWith the number of ground students expected to surpass 4,500 this fall, the school is gearing up to meet the increase in demand. A new five-story dormitory, Prescott Hall, is also under construction. The U-shaped building faces east and will have 500 beds when completed later this year.

A recent edition of Find Your Purpose (the school's newsletter) gave an in-depth report of the school's plans for future expansion projects, some of which are already underway! The school is constructing a new dining hall, as the current dining hall in the Student Union is beyond capacity during meal times.

GCU Dining Hall ConstructionLocated between the Athletic Center and the Student Union, the new dining hall will be a purple and white tent which is intended to be a temporary structure until a more permanent facility can be built. The dining tent will have 200 indoor seats and an additional 150 to 200 outdoor seats. It is expected to be open in time for the Fall 2011 semester.

In October of 2011, Grand Canyon will begin work on a new four-story classroom building located in the center of campus. Buildings 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11 will be torn down to make room for the new structure. The entire first floor will house the school's new Chapel, while the remaining three floors will be dedicated to classrooms and instructor's offices. One entire floor is planned for chemistry labs. Construction of this building should be complete by August of 2012.

Finally, Grand Canyon is looking to add a parking garage on the east side of campus sometime in 2013. Although plans are not yet finalized, the school says the new garage will feature enough spaces for approximately 1,000 vehicles.

Whether you are a current GCU student or you are still thinking about college, it's clear that the school is serious about making a huge investment in their future. With so many new facilties and upgrades planned, the school will be able to offer its values-based education curriculum to more students than ever before!

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My Garage Guys said...

Its always good to see a school expanding here in the valley. With Phoenix having such a vast population this will work out well as this will make it one of the larger schools here in Phoenix, and one of the only serious schools at the north end of Phoenix.


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