Construction Update: FBI Headquarters in North Phoenix

Feb 10, 2011

A lot has happened since we last posted about the new FBI Headquarters two months ago. The steel structure of the building is now in place and what a sight it is! You can always check out the latest progress over at 7th Street and Deer Valley Road, or by adding the North Phoenix Blog to your RSS feed reader!


Anonymous said...

I live down the street and see that the construction has come a long way since this picture was posted.
What is the estimated date of completion and when are our new neighbors moving in?
Will this building be occupied by FBI only...or is there office rental space as well?
Thanks! -Marli

Admin said...

I am not sure what the date of completion is for this project. As far as I know, this building will be exclusively used by the FBI. There are plenty of empty office spaces in North Phoenix, it is definitely a buyer's market right now.


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