Architect Jeffrey Kovel to Speak at Taliesin West

Apr 13, 2010

Taliesin West Pavilion TheaterTaliesin West in North Scottsdale is more than just a hot spot for architectural tourism; it also continues to fulfill its original purpose as a private school for promising young architects. Each semester, the school schedules a series of lectures and presentations for the benefit of the students. Few people know that these lectures are also open to the public, and best of all they are completely free of charge! 

The Spring 2010 lecture series follows the theme "Roots for Radicals" and has featured a variety of local and national architects including John Kane, Mark Ryan, Rick Joy, Alan Maskin, Diane Cheatham, Dickson Despommier, and Jeffrey Inaba. The final presentation for the Spring 2010 lecture series will feature Jeffrey Kovel, a renowned architect and founder of SkyLab Architecture in Portland, Oregon.

Mr. Kovel will give a presentation on Thursday, April 15th, 2010 in the Pavilion Theater. The presentation starts at 7:30pm and guests are encouraged to arrive early as seating is limited. After the presentation, Mr. Kovel will be available to answer questions followed by a brief, informal reception.

Johnsen Schmaling ArchitectsLast February, I was fortunate enough to attend a presentation at Taliesin West by Milwaukee-based Johnsen Schmaling Architects. Both of the company's namesakes were on hand to discuss some of their recent projects and to illustrate some of the innovative new techniques they had used.

As someone with a casual interest in architecture and design, I found the presentation both informative and enlightening. If my experience was any indication of the quality of the guests that Taliesin West invites, then Mr. Kovel's presentation should be just as great (if not better).

If architecture and design are your forte, I would invite you to attend Jeffrey Kovel's presentation this Thursday, April 15th. Please remember that Taliesin West is a private school so be on your best behavior and make sure to stay on the designated trails. It is important to not venture beyond the signs marked "Students and Staff Only Beyond this Point" as there are a number of private student residences throughout the property and you do not want to intrude on someone else's privacy.

Taliesin West is a satellite campus of the Taliesin School near Spring Green, Wisconsin. The facility doubled as the winter location for the school as well as a winter home and for architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his wife. Today, this National Historic Landmark also serves as the headquarters for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Hope to see you there!

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