Weird Arizona Features Local Legends and More

Nov 2, 2009

Weird ArizonaI've always said that there's more to Arizona than just golf courses and suburban sprawl. If you need proof, just pick up a copy of the book "Weird Arizona."

This book contains some of the greatest local legends and best kept secrets of Arizona's history, and it's all stuff that you won't find in ordinary Arizona travel brochures.

Weird Arizona by Wesley Treat features over 120 stories that cover everything from Roadside Oddities to Unexplained Phenomena. Have you ever wondered about the origins of Meteor Crater, or the gunfight at the OK Corral? What about the famous Phoenix Lights of 1997? They're all in here, along with plenty of other good tales that you may not have heard of before.

Weird Arizona is an essential part of any Arizona book collectionLearn about the mysterious vortexes of Sedona and the wooden plank road that once crossed the sand dunes near Yuma, Arizona. Read the tales of phantom hitchhikers and ancient civilizations.

This is not fringe material from your local tinfoil hat-wearing yokels, these are genuine Arizona legends from verifiable sources. Whether you believe them or not, they're an important part of Arizona's history and culture.

There's a lot more to Arizona than you might think. Whether you're interested in history, trivia, or just anything out of the ordinary, Weird Arizona has something for everyone. Weird Arizona is an excellent gift for a friend, spouse, and even yourself! Grab yourself a copy today from Amazon or Barnes and Noble today!

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On my random crusades around Arizona, I came upon a spot that I hadn't known was in Weird Arizona until well after my adventure up at Black Canyon Dog Track off the I-17.
Check out some pics here:

Thanks for posting about Weird AZ! Keep it local! =)


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