Phoenix's Mountain Bell Building Demolished by Implosion

Sep 28, 2009

San Diego developer Joe Pinsonneault has spent the past five years trying to bring the Mountain Bell building to the ground. On Sunday, September 27th, he finally got his wish.

In addition to Mr. Pinsonneault, hundreds of spectators lined up on rooftops and parking garages to watch as the 10-story structure was destroyed in a controlled implosion at 10:04 AM MST. Of course I was there with my camera in hand to document the first major building to be brought down since the Hotel Adams was razed in the 1970s.

When it first opened in 1973, the Mountain Bell building was the first building in Phoenix to be designed in the International style. The architect was Al Beadle, a man whose tremendous influence on Phoenix architecture is only now beginning to gather appreciation.

Mountain Bell was eventually renamed Qwest, who occupied the building through 2003. According to the Arizona Republic, the property was purchased by Pinsonneault in mid-2004. He plans to develop the land into a high rise tower of luxury condos for retired people, which as of yet has no financial backing.

Check out the following articles for more on the history of the Mountain Bell building, Al Beadle, and the future of the 9-acre site:

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Erica Lucci said...

Nice video! Thanks for capturing it. I wanted to see the implosion, but didn't make it on Sunday. You had a great view point!


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