'Tis the Season for Christmas Lights

Dec 14, 2008

Christmas in Phoenix is different from Christmas in other places. While it can get very cold here, it does not snow in the Phoenix metro area. 'Round these parts, White Christmas is nothin' but a song on the radio.

So what can you do to make it feel like Christmas when there's no snow? For many North Phoenix residents, the answer is to put up Christmas lights. For some, it means going completely overboard with Christmas lights.

In almost every neighborhood, there is one house that puts all others to shame. I am not talking about a simple string of icicle lights above the garage here. I'm talking about the house that has a herd of animatronic reindeer on the front lawn and one of those giant inflatable snow globes. The house that's responsible for slowing traffic along your road to a crawl. The house that's lit up like the runway at Sky Harbor Airport.

Of course, why stop at just decorating your house when you could decorate your car too? Get a load of this Dodge Durango I spotted the other night, which was trailering a gigantic sleigh covered in lights and blasting festive music as it idled in a parking lot. The sleigh even had its own generator to power all of those lights. Wow!

If you're one of those people who goes to the extreme with their Christmas decorations, I salute you! You are what makes Christmas in Phoenix so much fun, with or without snow. May the spirit of the holiday season brighten your hearts, as you have brightened mine with a display of lights that can be observed from space. Keep up the good work!

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