Free Rides Continue on Phoenix Light Rail

Dec 30, 2008

Metro Light Rail Downtown Phoenix, AZLast weekend, Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa celebrated the grand opening of the Valley Metro light rail system. This improvement to our public transit system has been long-overdue and is a welcome change for many Phoenix residents.

The new trains will ferry passengers along a 20-mile track that runs from downtown Phoenix through ASU and into Mesa. To celebrate the completion of this gigantic project (approximately 8 years from planning to completion), the light rail is offering free rides to everyone through December 31st.

I was once the outspoken opponent of the light rail project. The light rail doesn't come far enough north to do me any good and I have been inconvenienced many times over the years while it was under construction.

If anything, I found the whole situation very similar to that episode of the Simpsons where the City of Springfield is talked into building a monorail it doesn't need by a slick, smooth-talking salesman. Unlike the Simpsons, our train made it through its maiden voyage without incident.

After seeing the trains in action, I have to say I feel differently about them now. They look newer and sexier than any city bus, and run on electricity instead of diesel. They move quickly, covering the 20-mile route in about 60 minutes. Best of all, the road construction is finally over!

I have to say that this light rail thing could be a good thing for Phoenix after all. Only time will tell!

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Steve Belt said...

Hey, FYI, a few of us (maybe 20?) blogging/social media types are planning a light rail meet-up in early January. Details are at this point completely unset, but the gist will be to ride the rail from end-to-end-to-end, and hop off along the way a few times for food/drinks, as we find "content" for our blogs. Let me know if you want to be kept in the loop on that...


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