Luxury Car Dealerships Cruise Into Deer Valley

Oct 5, 2008

It comes as no surprise that Phoenix is a hotbed of activity for automotive enthusiasts. From our growing network of freeways to our laughable public transportation system, there is no question that Phoenix is a drivers' town. I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that people in Phoenix just like driving.Every year in January, a mass migration of motorheads takes place in North Scottsdale where the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction is held. There's just something about the dry desert air and mild winter climate provides the perfect atmosphere for millionaires to mingle with rare and collectible automobiles.

In fact, the market for classic and exotic cars has grown so large that it has expanded beyond North Scottsdale and into North Phoenix. To meet the increasing demand for collectible cars, a number of small, upscale dealerships have sprung up around the Deer Valley Airport. These luxury car dealerships are different from traditional car dealerships in several ways.

Today I'll be covering three specialty vehicle dealers in the Deer Valley area. They are as follows:

Anthem Motors

Located at 21st Avenue and Lone Cactus Drive, Anthem Motors is easily accessible from Interstate 17. Anthem Motors provides both sales and service, including vehicle restorations and rebuilds. Their office features an extensive garage in addition to a showroom, both of which are packed with exciting automobilia. While Anthem Motors primarily caters to the high performance needs of Ford and Cobra enthusiasts, they are very comfortable with Corvettes, Pontiacs, and exotics such as Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Forman Motorworks
Just across the freeway at 19th Avenue and Williams is the new sales and showroom of Forman Motorworks (formerly Forman Motorsport), who are purveyors of all manner of fine automobiles. From American muscle to European style, Forman is the gathering ground for the high performance marques of the world. What sets Forman Motorworks apart from the competition is their many custom services. They offer special financing options, premium wheel and tire packages, and customized Ford F650 vehicles, all under one roof!

World of Jaguars (Doc's Jags)
Right around the block from Forman is World of Jaguars, also known as Doc's Jags, located at 15th Lane and Parkside Lane. You might have noticed the giant gleaming Jaguar on the roof, which is a strong indicatior of how much pride the team at Doc's takes in their work. At Doc's, their business is transforming the strays and runaways of the Jaguar brand into show-winning pedigrees. Whether your kitty needs a little TLC or a full makeover, count on the experts at Doc's to make it purr again. Check the website for loads of awesome build and restoration photos.

Whether you are ready to acquire the exotic car of your dreams or restore a classic to its full glory, the good folks at Deer Valley's luxury dealerships will be glad to assist you.

2014 UPDATE: Doc's Jags filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and their assets were liquidated at auction. Suffice to say, they are no longer in business. The website for Anthem Motors is offline.

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